How We Recruit Engineers

Let’s talk a little bit about who we are!

Ice House is the first Google Certified Agency in South East Asia. We are a global mobile development firm which applies breakthrough technology, engineering excellence and customer insight to design and build innovative user experiences.

Here are some facts about Ice House:

  • The first Google Certified Agency in South East Asia
  • Consistently making impacts since 2012
  • 65 happy customers served globally (and counting)

As a firm that strives to be the best, we are aware that having the best talent is essential to our development as an organization. Since we invest so much in our people, it means that our recruitment process is demanding. In fact, our acceptance rate is less than 3% for software engineers. We are serious about making sure we select the right people. If this sounds interesting to you, here are the steps you will need to take:

Our Hiring Process

  1. Applying
    We have several platforms which can be used to connect to our recruitment team, but the  best way to reach us is via our career page at
    We take resumes seriously. So please make sure  you take great care in writing your resume; it’s  your first impression and what we use to decide whether or not to invite you for an interview. We appreciate seeing what you’ve done so we’d love to see links to apps, projects you’ve worked on, and your contributions to open source platforms listed in your resume. 
  1. Internal Review
    After we receive your resume, our hiring managers  will review your resume. We pay close attention to what skills you’ve listed and then determine how closely those align with what we need. Please don’t lie, lying will automatically disqualify you from the process and we will verify via your LinkedIn profile and references. 
  1. A Quick Phone Call
    We are aware that a resume can’t cover everything–our objective on the phone is to understand your experience better in order to see if your skills match what we’re looking for. 
  1. Technical Test 
    If you  reach this stage, we have determined that you are qualified–at least on paper. We will give you 45 minutes to show us that you have what it takes via our technical test. An example of a question we may ask is as follows: “In an array with integers between 1 and 500,000 one value is in the array twice. How do you determine which one? Can you come up with two possible solutions? (explain only, no code required)”. In general, the test consists of 4 big elements of software engineering. The questions are to gauge your general knowledge, coding abilities, engineering knowledge and architecture abilities. You must demonstrate an  understanding of software engineering fundamentals, design capability, and problem-solving in order to pass our test. 
  1. Technical Interview & General Interview
    After the technical test, you will have two interviews. There are  two interviewers per session. They are either senior engineers or a mix of senior engineer and staff engineer depending on the candidate. Apart from discussing your test results and experience the interview will be focused on engineering principles, programming knowledge, design ability and code quality. We expect you to explain your previous projects and speak to your contributions at your last  employer. 

    After the technical interview, there will be a general HR interview. This interview is more behavioral-based. You should be prepared to demonstrate your problem-solving skills, talk through how you manage  projects, and show us that you  have initiative and are dependable. In addition, it is important that you have a strong, working-level knowledge of English or else you will not proceed past these interviews. 
  1. CTO & Deputy CTO Interviews
    You’ve made it to the final round! As mentioned previously, we are very picky about whom we make part of our Ice House family. That’s why every software engineer candidate must have a session with our CTO & Deputy CTO. There will be two separate interviews, we usually arrange it on the same day. The conversation will cover your technical knowledge, project history, and your aspirations. Please prepare and present the best version of yourself–not many  candidates get to this stage.  We hope this article sheds some light on the hiring process at Ice House. So what are you waiting for? Hit and apply!
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